The American Marketing Association of west Michigan is a professional association for individuals and organizations involved in the practice, teaching and study of marketing worldwide. Our principal roles are:

  • Improving– Advancing marketing competencies, practice and thought leadership.
  • Promoting– Being an advocate for marketing and promoting its importance, efficacy and ethics.
  • Supporting– Being an essential resource for marketing information, education/training and relationships.

There are also unique benefits to becoming part of the West Michigan Chapter of AMA. We provide solid, marketing-oriented programs, unique and fun networking events, and introductions to key marketing professionals at some of the premier regional companies.

AMA West Michigan is proud to offer numerous events, programs, training, and networking opportunities throughout the year. We provide a variety of programming that covering various branding, marketing, and communications topics. Our monthly lunch programs have become a staple event for AMA members. We also plan networking events.

Networking is often cited as the number one reason to join the American Marketing Association and isn’t something that should be overlooked. Our members are some of the best marketing and communications experts in West Michigan. Our constituency consists of graphic designers, writers, marketing communications specialists, product managers, sales professionals, marketing directors, brand experts and marketing executives at some of the area’s top companies. AMA gives you the opportunity to meet new marketing professionals and strengthen your career.